When buying a truck, most people tend to focus on capability, whether it’s for work or play. But in both situations, it’s just as important for all that power to be backed up with the highest quality in safety standards, and there’s only one truck that goes unrivaled for both: the Ram 1500.

The very basics of safety start with the frame. The brilliant engineers for the Ram used 98 percent high-strength steel, giving it the strength to withstand the force of a collision while protecting its occupants like a cocoon.

Another basic, the airbag system is also a marvel of design. There are six standard airbags that cover almost every angle of the interior, spanning the whole length. The front airbags have adaptive venting technology which utilizes a vent to release the airbag pressure depending on the passenger size and severity of the accident.

If you want to feel true peace of mind behind the impressive power you require, come out to Yucca Valley Chrysler Center in Yucca Valley, CA and take the new Ram 1500 for a test drive.

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