You probably associate Dodge with big horsepower and big performance; did you know that our crossovers are among the most fuel-efficient on the road? Check out the amazing fuel economy numbers you will find on the Dodge Journey.

Starting off with city driving, the Dodge Journey offers some excellent fuel economy numbers. The base engine can return up to 19 mpg (miles per gallon) in the city. With the upgraded V-6 engine, you can 17 mpg for the two-wheel-drive model and 16 mpg for the all-wheel-drive model. These city fuel economy numbers beat most crossovers in its class.

On the highway, the Dodge Journey offers more than you'd expect. That's because both the standard and the V-6 engine returns 25 mpg. For the V-6 all-wheel-drive model, you can enjoy a fuel economy of 24 mpg. Quite simply, the new Journey delivers excellent fuel economy no matter where you drive.



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